Saving the internet!

Tired of all the hate spreading on the internet lately? I don't blame you. With recent tirades like "The framework I like working in is way more betterer than yours" and great responses like "nu-uh! Shut up!, it can get a bit tiresome.

I think it'd help to remember though, that all these are, are the expressions of opinions. Unfortunately they're often presented as fact, generally because people just get tired of reiterating that it is indeed, just their opinion.

However, I now have the solution! Simply bookmark this link, and anytime you're reading something and you start getting a little "hot under the collar", click your bookmark, and read it again.

There! I've made the internet safe again!

(Edit: Sorry if you got this post multiple times. Original bookmarklet was trying to do too much, got too complex and buggy. This one has nuances, but it's fine for the joke, and much simpler ;-) )


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