Google hates IE

And therefore, I hate Chrome a little less.


Top is Firefox 3, bottom is Google. I was exploring some jQuery stuff and decided to see if the behavior was any different in IE (suspecting it wasn’t), and noticed a slight difference. I signed into my google account on both to see if that caused a difference

While in my perfect world, everyone would use FFX, I’d still rather them use Chrome then IE.

I then did a search on google to see if anyone else has noticed this (or so I could see how long it’s been around), and while I didn’t see anything relating to this, it’s nice to know that google has been pushing for an alternative browser for a while now. Too bad they switched their recommendations though.

And no, I don’t know why I blacked out my email address. Everyone who visits this blog knows it anyways.

A better way to organize your CSS/HTML

It’s tough being a genius. It really is. Here’s my new guidelines for CSS/HTML:

  1. All tags are divs
  2. Use standard html tags as class/id names whenever possible

So, with our new awesomeness, we might get something like this:

   1: <div class="body">
   3:     <div class="h1">My Title</div>
   4:     <div id="p">This is my awesome <div id="span">stuff</div></div>
   6: </div>


Pretty freaking slick, eh? I’m hoping it can be integrated into Kobe soon!

Installing Live Writer

So, I just got a new computer, and I had an amazing idea of outstanding excellence (forthcoming), but needed to install Live Writer first.

First, it tries to get you to install FIVE HUNDRED other programs first. Piece of crap.

But, then, in the installer, it has a picture of a girl smiling at her bewbz. I mean, I smile at bewbz too, but I don’t see why it’s in an installer.



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