A better way to organize your CSS/HTML

It’s tough being a genius. It really is. Here’s my new guidelines for CSS/HTML:

  1. All tags are divs
  2. Use standard html tags as class/id names whenever possible

So, with our new awesomeness, we might get something like this:

   1: <div class="body">
   3:     <div class="h1">My Title</div>
   4:     <div id="p">This is my awesome <div id="span">stuff</div></div>
   6: </div>


Pretty freaking slick, eh? I’m hoping it can be integrated into Kobe soon!


James said...

That makes an amazing amount of sense. Can I nominate you for the CSS/XHTML standards committee?

Rob said...

Yes. Yes you may.

Alex said...


I guess it makes sense. All tags are, anyways, are just designating what the elements should look like, or behave as.

Can I suggest that you try to make a DIV anchor A tag? Do some fun OnClick event or something to open new sites...

Rob said...
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Rob said...

Thanks for the feedback! I think we can really tune this up to be something special.

We can do like <div class="link" linkDest="http://www.live.com">The One True Search</div>, then some jQuery like:

var $url = $(this).attr("linkDest");

That's really f'ing badass now, I love using new tech to it's fullest!

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